Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Click It

I'm on 25 Peeps today! Here's how it works: You click here and it registers as a "referral" from my site which keeps me in the line up longer. It's fun! Click it!


Scott from Oregon said...

And I wish you many peeps indeed.

As a child, I was able to 'intuit' the meaning of tarot cards with an uncanny accuracy. The whole notion of ever doing that again seems long since grown into an adult.

Ginny said...

Aw, scott, methinks that child in you would have much to say if given a deck of tarot cards today. One longtime reader recently shared his story of learning to read with a pack of regular playing cards as a child. Amazingly, many of his "made up" characterizations of the courts and meanings of the cards were very close to the commonly held traditional meanings.

Likewise, the cards are used very successfully in business settings as a brainstorming tool. They're great for writers and artists, too.

Yeah, they're "child's play" -- but for grownups, too. :) Thanks for clicking on me and being kind enough to leave a note.

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