Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tune in to The Tarot Channel

There's a new channel on the Internet tarot enthusiasts will enjoy. It's called The Tarot Channel and it's the brainchild of Mark McElroy, tarot author of several tarot books, including The Absolute Beginners Guide to Tarot, and author and artist of The Bright Idea Deck.

As Mark announced on the Aeclectic Tarot Forum:

Ever dreamed of a cable television channel dedicated exclusively to Tarot?

Until that channel exists, there's, where six Tarot-obsessed good friends are constantly sharing the latest Tarot news, deck reviews, book reviews, links, videos, audios, how to's, tips, and more!

You can join the discussion, too, by commenting on stories that intrigue or delight you. Disagree with our review of a Tarot deck? Post your own in the comments for that story! Glean an interesting insight from one of our spreads? Tell us about it!

If you love Tarot, you'll love Come see us!

I am one of the "six Tarot-obsessed friends" contributing to the content on The Tarot Channel so come on by and check out all the tarot goodies on this new and exciting site.

Also, there's a new podcast on The Tarot Connection, Episode #26: "Significators & Confessions" A significator is a card selected to represent the querent (or object) of the reading. It is very common to select a significator from the court cards. In this episode, Dena Decastro joins Leisa to explore ways to select a significator. The 78 Notes to Self segment features my Confessions post about breaking tarot rules.


bssc23public said...

Another amusing podcast. Sometimes you have to be naughty, not only are rules made to be broken but they changes.

Jenny said...

The Tarot Channel is a great website! Thanks for pointing it out. I have one request thought - can you change the settings so that people accessing the site via a feed reader, like Bloglines or Google Reader, can see full entries instead of exerpts? It's so much easier to keep up with these great websites when I can read the full entries through a feed reader.

Thanks again for all the great info!

Ginny said...

I'm glad you're enjoying The Tarot Channel, jenny, and I have passed your suggestion along to Mark as he's in charge of all that site feed stuff over there. :)

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