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Sunday, December 03, 2006

This Week's Podcast
Wow, Leisa has done it again, offering up a veritable smorgasbord of gourmet tarot delights on Episode #21 of The Tarot Connection Podcast. This episode features Bonnie Cehovet talking about The Hermit's Journey with an overview of 3X7 Theory, where the Major Arcana cards are placed in 3 rows of 7 cards each with each row representing a different part of ourselves: But what about the Fool? Where does he fit in? Listen to the podcast and find out.

Also featured is a reading of James Baldwin's Old Greek Stories read by Rob Shehee. Any study of archetypes is not complete without stories such as these. The characters and stories have become enmeshed into our culture to such a degree that we don't even realize from whence they came. Also, if you work with a deck such as The Mythic Tarot Deck, reading and interpreting these cards virtually depends on your familiarity with the myths and legends featured on the cards. Good stuff.

Finally, the 78 Notes To Self segment of this podcast features all five of my posts on the Pages in my Tarot Court Series. So, even if you've already read my court series, have a listen anyway and get to know these youngsters of the Tarot Court.


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