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Monday, September 22, 2008

Ooooh It's So Shiny!
This is simply the coolest microphone ev-AH! It makes such a huge difference in the sound quality of my podcast recordings for Leisa ReFalo's Tarot Connection and there's nothing like a new toy to inspire, so we're about to release my 78 Notes segments for the Tarot Connection on their own, separate from the show, so they can be downloaded and even purchased on their own. I will likely be re-recording old segments as well as the series on The Tarot Court. I was talking with Leisa on the phone last week, which is always so enjoyable as we seem to spark ideas off one another like fireworks, and got jazzed about some possible ventures into recording tarot lessons/exercises/experiments in a format that one could purchase and use. Not sure about video. The webcam that came with my laptop is pretty crappy and video editing is tedious, but at least the sound would be GREAT thanks to this jammin' Snowball mic!

And speaking of sweeeet new things, there is a brand spanking new Tarot organization called Tarot Professionals. Founded by Marcus Katz, former chairman of the Tarot Association of the British Isles (TABI), this organization promises to meet the pressing need for the networking and professional growth of tarot enthusiasts around the world. According to the first issue of the organization's professional newsletter, Oracles and Auguries, to which I got an advance looksee as an ACE member, quite a few recognized names in the tarot community have joined Tarot Professionals as Honorary Members: Rachel Pollack, Mary K. Greer, James Wells, Art Rosengarten, and Naomi Ozaniec. The article continues,
"ACE Members also include some of the most innovative designers and experts in their fields; Emily Carding (Transparent Tarot), Cilla Conway (Intuitive Tarot), Maja (Maroon Tarot), Ginny Hunt (78 Notes to Self Blog) and Lyn Birkbeck (Watkins Guide to Astrology, the Astrological Oracle, Understanding the Future). Join us in what the tarot world has been waiting for!

Tarot Professionals has a number of membership categories, whether you are a new student, tarot reader, professional, or an artist, academic, or therapist with an interest in tarot. We are actively promoting inter-disciplinary study of tarot and work/play across boundaries. Join us now to contribute your talent and take tarot to new levels!"
I'm very excited about the possibilities of this new organization and how much more interconnected the tarot community will be as a result of this endeavor.

Granted, I haven't had a lot of time to devote to tarot in the last year, but these two things have really reignited my enthusiasm. It's not so much that I lost enthusiasm for tarot...well ok, I did a little, but in all honesty my life had undergone such a radical change that I couldn't keep my balance. I took that Fool's nosedive off the cliff and I'm finally regaining some firmer footing. So I'm taking some of those sparks Leisa and I shot off as Aces of Wands and we'll see what can be done with them.


  1. Exciting indeed!

    I will pass on the news on the Association to the people here in Brazil...

  2. Pietra & Ginny

    Thank you for supporting the group, there are truly exciting times ahead for taking tarot to whole new levels! Enjoy!

    May a full deck of possibilities be yours!

    Founder, Tarot Professionals

  3. Anonymous3:19 PM

    Hi Ginny,
    I'm so glad you and Leisa were talking about recording Tarot Lessons for purchasing. I had it in my mind to suggest to you when I asked you to do that reading for me a couple of months ago. (I must have sent it telepathically). There is a gap in the market now for real live teaching and I have benefited tremendously from your blog and Leisa's Tarot connection. I think you really have a gift for getting your message across and you would make a wonderful teacher! It may not be all that difficult to get a video made. You just need to meet the right person with a camera. You don't have to go for fancy artistic shots, just something basic would work as your charisma would just shine out!
    Thanks for sending the link to the new Tarot Professionals. I'm definitely going to join.
    In the meantime you definitely must do a teaching video!
    Best of luck!
    Kate :)

  4. Anonymous8:54 AM

    Hi Ginny,

    thank you for yet another witty and insightful tarot blogpost. I enjoy your writing and also Leisa's Tarot Connection podcasts (which I usually listen to while I'm having my morning coffee!). Also thank you for mentioning Tarot Professionals; I'm one of the ACEs, and I must say that I'm extremely impressed with the work that has been put in and the achievements so far - this is such an exciting new tarot organisation!
    Hope you can pop into the forum at one point and connect with us :-)
    Warmest wishes,

  5. Dear Ginny, we have tagged you on the 6 Random Things meme...
    Visit it in our blog and I PROMISE I am going to translate it into English lol



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