78 Notes to Self: A Tarot Journal

We are all wanderers on this earth. Our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams.


Following are some comments clients have graciously left for me:

Your reading for me was way more than I ever expected! I think that your reading has been the best by far that I have ever had. You are very intuitive with the cards, and my reading from you was right on the money!! There was absolutely NO BOOK definitions in this reading, it was all done with skill! Thanks so much, you are a sweetheart.


Upstate NY USA

"She will tell you the truth so if you are looking for sugar coating she isn't the one! If you are seeking truth and enlightment she is the one you want! Thanks Sophia you were great! I would use her again! Great advice thanks! God Bless You! "

"Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! Best description, good intitution, and accurate. "

"Very nice, knows the cards well and puts them with her intuition and can peg the situation"

" Very kind, very caring, and accurate. She is on track and just a kind soul. :) "

"Great reader! Clear information and interpretation of tarot."

"Awesome email reading ....Very worth it to me !!!!!! "

" Excellent reading. Picked up on things no one else has. Will definitely contact again."

"I'm back to say that the situation Sophia predicted was EXACTLY as it became!!! It was just days earlier she had predicted what actually happened!!! I'll be back! "

"Reading was very insightful into the dynamics surrounding my question - as if I was explaining my situation versus her reading for me. I would have liked to know what cards prompted the various elements of the reading - she only identified the last two cards. It accurately described how I have perceived the issues surrounding my question, and I can only hope that her insights for the outcome bear out over time. Thank you very much. "

"She is such a wonderful reader who goes very deep into a situation explaining feelings and options....I can not express just how valuable her insights and reading were to me....she validated my feelings and her advice was what my own intuition was telling me...Thank you sooo much....she is beyond outstanding...a truly talented articulate reader who has the gift of not only intuition but a very effective communicator...highly highly reccomended!!!! "

"Wow!!!! What a talented reader...she is very quick, concise, intelligent, intuitive!!!! The whole thing!!! I will definitley come again to talk to her!! Thanks soooo much!!!!"

" Great reading! The cards supported my thoughts in the matter and helped clarify decisions! Call her for a clear and insightful reading! "

"Loved Her really! was Right On! Had the best time getting the truth as it turned out! It was the most enjoyable time ! I did not want to let her go! "

"Sohia was very direct and I am convinced she knows her craft because she nailed the issues/questions I posed although we have never met. I'll definitiley use her again and again. Unbelievable. "