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Saturday, January 05, 2013

The Decision Analyzer

Many tarot readings are prompted by being faced with a tough decision, one in which your mind and your heart or gut are conflicted and giving you opposing opinions.  Upon seeing those boots on Amazon.com my desire for them leaped and did cartwheels.  My mind, upon seeing the $398 price tag immediately chided, "Are you insane?"  So my heart started persuading, "But they're FRYE, which means they are very well made and they will last forEVER and they're a classic equestrian boot that NEVER goes out of style and they're WORTH it!"  To which my mind replied, "You're an idiot." 

 Of course, I don't need to do a tarot reading on whether to buy the boots, but there are many opportunities in life that may require a bit more deliberation.  Using tarot intelligently for decision making can be extremely helpful, but I don't suggest using a Yes or No type of spread for that.  I mean, you could, but it's not particularly empowering and it would probably be faster to flip a coin.  Here's a more insightful spread that will help examine the competing arguments inside you.  It's called the Decision Analyzer (click on the image to enlarge):

DruidCraft Tarot by Stephanie Carr-Gomm & Philip Carr-Gomm & Will Worthington Published by Connections 2005

 In this example, a career opportunity is in the analyzer.  The mind thinks it's a wonderful opportunity as the Sun shows what the person is thinking.  Maybe it's something the person has dreamed of doing since they were a child.  However, the heart isn't so sure.  The 5 of Swords indicates there are some gut reservations.  There's something about the offer this person isn't fully on board with.  Maybe they don't trust the person offering it or the company seems shady.  Or maybe it's just a nagging unease coming from some other emotional source that is causing the "bad feeling."  It's important, though, to listen carefully to one's intuitive or gut feelings, so this is vital information.  What this person wants, the 10 of Pentacles, shows they want long term financial security and stability. The offer may be lucrative and the potential income may be tempting the mind to ignore what the emotional instincts are warning.  What they should do, the 4 of Swords, is not act on this immediately but take some time out to think carefully and consider all aspects of the offer and situation. In this example, the action advice is inaction, don't jump on this opportunity just yet.  The correct decision will become clear in a short time.

So have at it and let me know how this spread works out for you. 


  1. Ooo get the boots! I was in the same position about 7 years ago with a very similar looking pair of brown leather boots that were around $400. I bought them, and I have never looked back! Still wearing them 7 years later!

  2. Very cool spread! This reminds me of the facebook meme going around, "What society thinks I do, What my mom thinks I do, etc. etc."

  3. Ooooh Brigit, you enabler! And Siddaleah, ha! I didn't think about that meme, but yeah, it is! :)

  4. Anonymous11:00 PM

    Bless you, Ginny! Honestly, I'm so happy I've found this site. I've been out of my head trying to make a definite choice about something that has pegged me to no end, and suddenly I stumble upon your website to find the perfect spread! This helped me out of my indecisive misery, or at least clear the air. I hope you don't mind me sharing my thoughts on the cards laid down before me. Hopefully I'll help some other poor lass or block decipher their own!

    Note: I’d like to warn beforehand that, yes, this is a love spread.

    My Mind: 10 of Cups - A generally happy card, but I usually associate Cups with "flights of fancy." Perhaps my mind is creating all these possible outcomes of us ending up "happily ever after." What if I finally made the move and we became this lah-dee-dah couple? It seems unrealistic to me. In my personal experience, 10s are usually a sign of fixed endings.

    My Heart: 9 of Pentacles - Ah, this particular gal always strikes my fancy. She seems so content in her tidy garden, as if nothing could go wrong... or at least, for now. 9 being the number of fulfillment (and since we're looking at a Pentacle card here), it definitely reaches out to tangible and realistic ventures. Finally something I can work with! When I read your description of the 9 of Pentacles, something hit me... the word "benefactress" has bells ringing in my ears, since I've always wanted to be “that person” my future partner can rely on. It's difficult to place where she fits into all this, but I can understand why she ended up being in the "heart" position. I truly want to be there for the person I love, financially as well as emotionally.

    I want: Ace of Cups (R) – I don’t know how you read reversed cards, Ginny, but I usually see them as indicators of “repressed” or “blocked” potential . I don’t necessarily see them as negative outcomes at all! Even in the upright positions they could mean trouble. Perhaps I want to gush out all my hidden emotion for this person, but for some reason I can’t find the right words to say or I am repressing my own true feelings out of fear of rejection.

    I should do: 8 of Wands (R) – This card always screams “action, baby!” to me. But since it is in reverse, it’s difficult to uncover its meaning. Am I holding up? Or would it be best for me to stay in my comfort zone? That’s why it’s so tricky to read tarot cards in reversal sometimes! Perhaps I’m merely delaying the outcome by sitting idly by instead of getting a move on. Perhaps someone could help me with this last one?

  5. With those last two cards I feel you want to spill your guts, but you're holding back because you are afraid you'll be too intense or you won't hit your mark the way you intend. Waite said the 8 of Wands could be said to be "arrows of love." So with it reversed, you're holding those arrows back.

  6. Hey! I liked this spread.

    Yet, I would like to ask if anybody knows a spread that will answer the question "What would have been?" Have not found anything like it. Thanks!

  7. I think the spread is very useful. I totally agree with the point you make about using yes/no spreads. I never do. It would really be like flipping a coin and you don't take full responsibility for your decision that way.
    When I used spreads like this one, I often found the reading reveals my mind or the querent's mind is half made up anyway.
    That's what happened when I tried this, too.
    It's in my blog: http://holdingallthetrumps.blogspot.de/2013/01/dear-satu-yours-confused-cat-owner.html just in case you're curious.
    Thanks a lot for this, Ginny.

  8. Hey Lady Stardust, in order to answer that kind of query I might draw cards to represent the various options that could have been chosen, but weren't, and then lay three cards above them and see what would have played out. Ultimately, does it matter if those were the roads not taken? I suppose it could bring some peace of mind...or not. It could lead to us kicking our own ass.

    Satu, your blog is charming and I loved your example and the use of the Cat's Eye Tarot. Lovely! Usually, what the mind is telling is the most readily available. We hear that most clearly. We tend to dismiss our hearts and desires, though, so those tend to be really important positions. And, quirky human nature being what it is, we also tend to act contrary to our desires, which is why the last position is so important. It takes into account ALL the previous information from the mind, heart, and soul and gives a thoughtful possible solution.

  9. Anonymous1:26 AM

    Hey, Ginny. The King of Swords used to pop up A LOT whenever I did a love spread about this guy, and I think with the Ace of Cups and Eight of Wands in reversed, that it was a sign for me to calm down and look at my feelings from an objective perspective. Again, I used to receive the 10 of Cups quite often in the “Want” position, which in hindsight really was me romanticizing a relationship that was toxic from the beginning. If I received, let’s say, the 10 of Pentacles instead my desires would have been more realistic. I just wanted to thank you for responding to my post!

  10. ohh.. i might have to give this lay out a try, it looks like it will be most helpful!!


  11. I love the analagy of buying boots. It's a great article.

  12. Thank you. This is a great spread, especially as I always run into head/heart decisions. This has helped me a lot and the writing that goes with it is very thorough. I keep googling and coming back for it.

    Great work!

  13. Lina...I'm so glad the spread is useful for you. Bookmark this page! :D


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