We are all wanderers on this earth. Our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Behind The Mask
If you listened to Episode #15 on The Tarot Connection, then you heard Leisa and I discuss the use of pseudonyms among online readers and you know that I have given some thought to my own use of "Sophia" as an online "reader name." I chose to use the same reader name at both Kasamba.com and here for consistency, but as a writer I'm uncomfortable with that. So, not that it's really any big deal, but I'm changing my alias here to my real name. I've used "Sophia" on several internet forums as a screenname, so it is, in a way, part of my online identity. I'll still answer to it if it's stuck in your head. Still, between the conversation I had with Leisa and my own post entitled Coming Out, I was beginning to feel a bit of a hypocrite. I mean, if I am encouraging tarot readers to come out of the closet, then why am I posting anonymously on a tarot blog? I swear, it had nothing to do with not wanting people to know I read tarot in real life, but still. It was, if not hypocritical, rather inconsistent of me.

Anyway, pleased to meet you, my name is Ginny Hunt, and I am a tarot reader.