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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

One Card for Me
I have a decision to make. I have a job offer that, if I take it, will require me to move two hours away from my kids. It's a writing job, at least in some capacity, and it is with a start-up online game design company. I will continue to read tarot online here, so that's not the issue. The main issue is the distance from my kids, although there are other important issues at hand as well. *sigh* It's complicated. However, the question is: Should I take the job?

Now, we know tarot readers usually suck at reading for themselves and I am no exception. So I drew one card and I am asking you to tell me what this card is saying in answer to my question. Help me out here, ok?


  1. Ginny, two thoughts popped into my head looking at that card.

    1. In your post about the missing scissors, he also came up, and you said, "Oh, maybe the scissors are at the kids' dad's house." Is the kids' dad a factor in your decision? If so, it seems like you need to consider his personality and his likely actions in this scenario. Also, if this decision involves a power dynamic between you two in any way, that needs to come out in the open.

    2. One of the things that the Kings are about is being able to choose how you look at something. King of Swords can choose how he thinks about an issue. King of Cups can choose how he feels about a question. I'm wondering if, rather than getting caught up in an emotional response to this big decision, if you could create a couple of emotional hypotheticals for yourself. Let's say you decide to take the job--how will you probably feel in a week? a month? a year? Similarly, what if you decide not to?

    3. (bonus) On the other hand, if you tend to be a very rational decision-maker, rather than an emotionally driven one, this card is just saying that you need to look really deeply at your feelings right now to figure out the best course of action. (Duh, when is that NOT the case?)
    Hope one or more of those is helpful. Congrats on the job offer and best of luck.

  2. The card could be suggesting that your ex-husband will take good care of your children. They would live with him, right? I always associate the King of Cups with a loving, supportive father.

  3. It is very interesting that you both connected him with my children's father. I did, too, when I first saw this card. Yes, the children would be living with their father, primarily. He is very loving and very supportive and a wonderful Dad.

    I tend to make decisions with my head, not my heart. I take others hearts into consideration more than my own. Ultimately, I usually do that which is best for others. This time, I am considering doing that which my own heart wants but is conflicted, obviously.

  4. Anonymous7:32 PM

    I get the opposite vibe. Short term solution with a higher price for you emotionally. Add to it the fact you said there were "other issues and it's complicated" I don't think it's the right thing for you to do right now.

  5. Anonymous8:15 PM

    Hi Ginny,

    I just started with Tarot, so I am definitely no expert. But in my case, when it comes to making a decision, it helps me greatly to make longer spreads because they add more information. Each card can have so many meanings and, in situations such as this one, it can be associated with different parts of your life.

    What I usually do is a seven card "yes-no" spread. I would ask "Should I take the writing job?". Some people like asking "Is it convenient for me to do this?". The decision is entirely up to me afterwards, but at least I obtained more information in regards to what surrounds me and the potential consequences.

    I hope this helps! I love your website!!


  6. Anonymous9:07 PM

    I was thiking of the same thing as Corrine was about there father taking care of them. Other than that This card says you will know what is right from your feelings and what your heart is telling you. You are wise and have a great deal of understanding towards things in life and I am sure you will pick the right choice.

  7. You had mentioned that the King of Cups was associated with writers so I would say that the card means that this card encourages you to take the job.

  8. After reading the other comments, I had more thoughts.

    First, this is a good example of the way tarot cards force us to put aside our preconceived ideas. I will admit that when I first saw your question, I instinctively reacted with the thought, "How could any mother think of leaving her children?" But then I remembered that your children are teenagers, for one thing -- and they're boys. With the King of Cups in the equation, I actually saw how this move could be good for everyone.

    For one thing, young men need their dads. Sometimes, guys need to be with other guys. Maybe your sons could use some time seeing how the other half lives. Maybe they need that role model right now.

    What's more, there are a lot of divorced dads out there who are relegated to the sidelines in their kids' lives. Maybe their dad wants and needs to invest himself full-time in the parenting routine for a while.

    Plus it would give you a break ... how many years have you been carrying all of the responsibility by yourself?

    As an aside, my husband's parents were divorced, and when he was in high school he went to live with his father for a while. He loved the experience -- and he and his dad really did grow closer as a result. It didn't last long, though. I think he stayed with his dad for less than a year, until his mother begged him to move back with her. :-D

    That's something else for you to remember. If you do decide to take the job, your kids wouldn't necessarily stay with their dad forever. You could even enter in to the arrangement on a trial basis -- say for three months, or six months -- and if you find that you don't like it, you could quit!

  9. Hi Ginny! I am also just learning the tarot but my feeling is that this card is telling you to trust your own intuition about what you should do. Although I do think it can indicate that the father of your children will take good care of the kids you already know this and I tend to think the card represents you and your feelings about the situation. As you say on this website " I lay out the cards, tap into my intuition and tell you what I see." If taking this job is what you truly want to do then you should do it and trust that you have the support you need. Hope this helps a bit! Take care and be well!

  10. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Like many others are saying, the first thing I thought of when seeing the King of Cups was your earlier post about the scissors. Not that any of that came to mind for me just now--just remembering that I remember it.

    In any situation, there is your initial gut reaction. Sometimes you should go with it, and sometimes you shouldn't. Seeing the King of Cups here makes me say you should, this time. (Whether your gut says to stay or go, I don't know.)

    All of the other Cups court cards seem kind of all over the place in terms of emotion, and prone to making a decision that they'll later regret. The King is more principled and calm and in control for me, more able to think about what will make him emotionally satisfied in the long term.

    Not much of a reading but throwing my two copper out there in case it helps. =D

  11. I'm not a reader, but you've read for me. I concur with Corrine's second comment. Seems there would be a sort of role reversal for you and dad - he with primary and you secondary responsibility for a while. If he's a good dad, how can it be anything but a positive for the boys? And you get a change of pace to refresh yourself??

    By the way... still blooming here :-0

  12. OK. I read now only for myself (what that says about what value my little reading here has, I leave up to you :-D), but I had such a visceral response to this card that I thought I'd share it: There's someone involved with the start-up project/job you are considering who may not not trustworthy, at the worst. And at the best, is self-deluding and therefore misleading you unintentionally. As to what others say in the above comments, I get a sense that your family situation can be worked out very well, whatever your decision. My concern, as I say, is with someone important on that job.

  13. What wonderful insight you are all sharing and giving me much to think about!

    I have three boys, yes, but one is grown and the others are 15 and 14 (almost). But I also have a daughter and it is she that I am most concerned about. She is only 10. I would not be that distant, however, as I said only two hours drive away, so if I were to go I would be close enough to still be involved in their lives on a regular, though not daily in-person, basis.

    Roswila, I have to admit your response caused great concern for me and I will take it with the seriousness and caution it deserves.

    However, I also agree with Corrine that I can view this as a temporary thing, a trial run, so to speak.

    Much thinking to do....

  14. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Hi Ginny,

    I think this card says a lot about the workplace you would be in -- game players and designers/creators tend to be male -- but this card is about compassion and sensitivity so you are headed for some very sensitive and caring male environment of some type. I like the water around the card, thinking that there is something of a "flexible" nature about this job. So they may not have mentioned a "flex time" attitude about the job, but it certainly could develop, you might be able to do work from home. I feel that you offer some talents that you did not mention on the interview that will come in very handy -- that will grow into a stronger position with this company. You are valuable to them and they can sense this already.

    I do intuitive readings professionally, that doesn't make my reading "stronger" than anyone else's however. I read tarot intuitively, I don't know the meaning for a lot of the cards - I love your blog because I've learned a lot about the cards. I get the impression that there is something about this company that will be very helpful to your tarot career, whether creating your own tarot software of some type, creating something about tarot of your very own and selling it through them and being successful at it -- so it feels like something to be excited about. I notice the gold in the King's hands and this feels like a position where you will do well, make a good living and sustain your family well with abundance.

    Good luck!

    :) Abby

  15. Anonymous11:37 AM

    Hi Ginny,

    I'm sorry - I forgot to say that I think that this position will work out well with your family, with the children living with their father for a temporary time. The King of Cups sensitivity of your employer feels like your boss and coworkers will be sensitive to your situation and will bend to your needs, giving you extra time to travel,etc. to see your children knowing that you will get all of the needed work done. This job just feels like a vibrant and creative place for you to be, so it feels like an excellent opportunity. It also feels like it will work out with your family once everyone is "into" the routine.

    Good luck!

    :) Abby

  16. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I see this card as a patriarchial king on a throne. This king is who you would be willingly giving your kids to. And he is more than willing (of course!!) to take them (especially the 10 year old daughter) and show them exactly who sits on the throne in their lives.

    I would never in my wildest dreams turn my 10 year old daughter over to a man, to raise. I don't care if it was her dad or not. Men are men. You know that.

    The King of (Menstral) Cups. All men think they're the King of (Menstral) Cups. Turn your kids over to a king for a stinkin' job? For stinkin' money? No f***in' way. How could this even be an option. Leaving your 10 year old daughter and living 2 hours away from her?

    No. Look at that King directly in the eyes. He's lookin' right at you! And waiting to get his hands on your kids. Staff in hand. On his throne. Ring on middle finger. Crown on head. Bow down before me, he says.

  17. Well, I feel I need to address this last comment.

    First of all, I am a feminist. My situation is such that if I continue where I am, I am dependent upon that king. There are some control issues at play. Financial and other means are being used to keep me in a certain place, doing certain things. That has to change.

    Secondly, the kids' father has always been an almost equal partner in child-rearing. Granted, being at first a single mom then a stay-at-home homeschooling mother, I have shouldered most of the direct responsibility for 23 years. Their father is, even while being a man, not in any way detrimental to any of my children's development, including my daughter. I asked my daughter how she felt about the situation and she said she would not want to move with me. That may change over time, but I would not uproot my kids from their home base for this. It is a risky venture full of unknowns. I think it is best, if I am to make this choice, to keep them in a very stable, familiar environment. My kids are not my possessions, and they have rights as individuals to have a say in how their lives go.

    Further, I am not handing my kids over to anyone to raise. I have always shared that responsibility with this man and will continue to do that. He has proven himself as a dedicated, loving, responsible, feminist-minded father. My daughter will continue to have her mother as a strong and loving influence in her life and as a role model particularly in how to release oneself from financial dependence upon men. (Hopefully never to place herself in that situation to begin with.)

    This is not about money, per se. It's about freedom.

    These are some of the other "complicated issues" at play here.

  18. Speaking tarotishly, the King of Cups tells me that feelings are of major consideration here, but they need to balanced with rational thought and planning. As we know, courts in tarot are not necessarily the gender they present. So while the King of Cups can represent my children's father, he also represents me, and/or the situation. Not necessarily a person at all.

    The person with the qualities of the King of Cups would be someone of great emotional depth and compassion, but who manages his/her emotions and balances them with rational logic as well. Intuitive, wise, and understanding. None of these qualities are inherently male or female.

    I tend to be a Queen of Swords for the most part, and I often allow my head to lead rather than my heart. It's interesting to me that this court is the opposite of the Queen of Swords, elementally speaking. So I am to approach this issue not in my usual manner, but allow my heart to lead without neglecting the mind.

    All of your insights have been very, very helpful, and if anyone else would like to add anything, please feel free. You've given me much to consider as well as my own thoughts about this card.

    Even those who recoil at the thought of a mother living apart from her kids have helped me. I understand that point of view very well, though I may not be in full agreement with it. I believe each person, each family, must make these choices based on their own unique blend of personalities and circumstances.

    I felt very comforted to see this court appear in answer to my question. It feels very solid and sure, and the advice is to lean into the heart and feel what is right, listen to my intuition and balance it with sound and responsible decision making, to take others' feelings into account and be responsible to them as well.

    I had some very good discussions with my kids today and it has helped clear the way for things to change in my life while making sure everyone's needs are cared for. That's what I took away from this card today. Responsible care for both myself and others feelings and desires.

    I am also heeding the warnings some have spoken here...keeping an eye out.

    Thank you all so much.

  19. Hi Ginny,

    Getting in on this a bit late, but here goes.

    The first thing that occured to me was that you have mentioned feeling very allied with the Queen of Swords, so when I saw the King of Cups there, I thought it was representing you *in this situation* and saying "go with your gut/your feelings in this."

    Remember, it doesn't have to be permanent either. Life is change. This may or may not be your next step - but you will know. Your natural inclination is to analyze - I'm thinking this card is saying, "yes, do that, but consider your feelings and intuitions as well." FWIW

    All the best,

  20. Anonymous2:59 AM

    This king, to me, seems cut off from his emotions. He sits on his throne above the waters around him, alone and aloof. He holds the cup away from him--his sceptor is closer. I don't think he's so far from the Queen of Swords at all. He is the least emotional of the cups court and the least in touch with his feelings.

    Your decision can only be made by you though. In this case, you are as cut off from everyone and their sea of emotions as he is (or you want to be).

  21. Anonymous3:57 AM

    i had a similar reaction to roswila concerning the job. something feels a bit unstable/unclear there, and it may be worth 'probing' into.

  22. Well my reaction to the card seems to contradict aspects of what others have siad here, but since the sum of information usually leads to the best judgment...I thought this was you, cut adrift emotionally from your base, looking back at your family with one eye rather than both eyes on the job. I'm not sujesting going is a bad idea, but that it seems to preoccupy you even when you are gone. guilt? wondering if everything is ok? It's alostt like not being able to give both parts of your life adequate attention. I felt that this had more to do with your feelings and worries than the circumstances you will find yourself in.

  23. You're right, rebecca, and so yesterday I had some very good discussions with my kids. They are being so wonderfully supportive, even while facing a potential change that will impact them so much. They are such great people, my kids, and their willingness to face this change despite the fear of change is awesome. I absolutely would not even consider it, and did not at first, unless I could go knowing we could work these emotional issues out for all.

    Loving the alternative insights here, guys. :)

  24. Anonymous11:15 PM

    Ducking in late, too.

    This is a topic that seems to bring up people's most visceral emotions and deeply-held beliefs. What a fascinating group exercise (though I realize that it's much more than an exercise for you, Ginny!) in the detachment that I think is necessary for a good Tarot interpretation.

    That being said, I will say what I see here. I usually read pictures as much (if not more than) traditional meanings, and the King of Cups from this deck is a particularly ambivalent-looking one.

    I agree that this King is meant to represent you. Look at how heavily veiled he is and how feminine his features are -- this King could even be a woman in disguise. You show up as male here because you're considering entering a traditionally male career role. You're about to do a very "male" thing: in our culture, it is not unusual at all for a man to put his career first or to move away from his children. But it is unexpected for a woman.

    That you show up as a King suggests that you have some mastery of your feelings on this issue. To some degree, it feels like your heart has already made the decision to take this job.

    Even after you make your final decision, your feelings about it are likely to continue to be mixed.

    Look how big and heavy the crown on this King looks -- your position as head of the household, while no doubt rewarding in a million ways, has taken its toll on you. This IS about freedom.

    The role of King is usually inherited. I don't know your history and whether you chose motherhood or "inherited" it, but I'm sure no woman truly knows what she's getting into when she has a child! When it comes to inherited positions, there are bound to be mixed feelings and loyalties.

    I see you as the King, already floating gently away on the white platform, while casting a wary glance behind you. You understand the emotions that are in your cup, but the emotions represented by the sea around you cannot be understood or controlled by you right now. You are responsible for yourself and for your kingdom, which is the kingdom of Cups -- not the unmanageable sea. Who can be responsible for the sea?

    The truth is that we don't understand karma, the law of cause and effect. You don't know what effect this move will have on your children. Nobody knows. It could be good, it could be bad. Like everyone in every situation, you are working from imperfect, limited data. But this card suggests that you have mastery in this situation to make a good decision, and that you are very well aware of the emotional aspects.

    I say, follow your heart.

  25. Anonymous12:23 PM

    Hi Ginny...I'll make this short and sweet. With the wishy washy feelings of the King of Cups, I predict you won't take the job. At least for now.

  26. Very very interesting to hear the different takes on the King of Cups. Now, see, I've never viewed this one as having "wishy-washy" emotions. I can understand how one might see that, but I've always seen him as one of emotional depth. Oh sure, negatively, he can be a drama king, an alcoholic, an emotional manipulator, get drowned in his own emotional seas and he is the most unreliable of all the kings. So this has been very enlightening to hear how different people see this card.

  27. This is such an interesting blog with great comments, I've loved lurking here, but now I'm coming out of lurking mode. :)

    I'm a novice at reading Tarot, but if I may, I would like to add my "gut" reaction.

    To me, the whole suit of cups is about one of two things: decisions to be made, or issues which weigh upon us.

    I also see in the background of the card, the ship on one hand, and the fish on the other. I think the ship symbolizes your possible move, while the fish (being at home in the sea) indicates the desire to stay at home.

    The King looks very expectedly at you--he's waiting for your decision. He may not symbolize you or your ex--maybe he stands for your possible future boss?

    I agree that the cup is for your feelings--your love of home. The staff is power, and that is on the side of your move for the job.

    At this time of your life, which do you feel like you really need-the love and comfort of home, or the chance to grab that staff of power?

    Did that make any sense at all? As I said, I'm still very new to it, and my thoughts aren't as focused as I would like them to be.

  28. Hi, me again. (I'm really delurking). I couldn't stop looking at your card and feeling the conflict, so I took my cards and pulled two to represent the two choices. The cards I got made me go "wow!". Let me know if you want me to share them with you or not. :)

  29. Hi misty, your observations made a lot of sense, thank you. I'd love to hear about the cards you pulled. Email me? sophia78notes@yahoo.com Thanks. -- Ginny

  30. Anonymous7:46 PM

    The King of Cup tells you to trust your feelings on your job decision. You have control of it (notice how firm the king is holding the cup in front of him).

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