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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

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I discovered a really great series on Tarot over at YouTube called "Tarot College Course: Tarot 101" There is a great deal of balanced and valuable information in this series of six videos on tarot history and use. They're produced by Magick TV and Tarot College. There appears to be a seventh coming as well, so if you enjoy the series, stay tuned. I will!

I occasionally find the greatest online stores and I just stumbled on this one. Those of you more traveled than I may already be familiar with this one, but it was new to me: Wilde Ones. "Wilde Ones is a shop in London's world famous Kings Road, unlike any other shop there, or for that matter anywhere else in the world! Unlike the conformist steel and glass shops in Chelsea, it is a ramshackle emporium, an Aladdin's cave, crammed full of items, artefacts and delights from around the world - and beyond." And boy howdy, is it! If you're in London it is located at 283 Kings Road, Chelsea, London. Guess what's going on my must-see list when I finally take that trip to England?

The Tarot Connection Podcast Episode 33 is up and running with Part 2 of James Wells' interview on Professional Tarot Reading. The 78 Notes To Self segment is a combined 2-post chat about reading timeframes in the cards called It's Only A Matter of Time. Finally, Bonnie Cehovet discusses using "value-added incentives" as a business practice in tarot reading. Another very useful podcast with just too much good stuff!

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