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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Podcasts To Go
The Tarot Connection has two more podcasts up and running, if you haven't been keeping up. Obviously, I'm falling behind, as Episode #37 has been up since last week. This one is a wonderful episode covering the Zodiac Spread with astrologer and tarotist Dena DeCastro. Leisa has had Dena on the show before and she is just phenomenal with her abilities to translate often complicated astrological correspondences with tarot into simple language and concepts even I can understand. Bill Vincent's commentary on tarot and its divinitory usefulness is thought provoking and Bonnie Cehovet's insight into the High Priestess is very enriching. The 78 Notes To Self segment is "And Justice For All" with my own take on the Major Arcana Justice card.

Episode #38 features a main segment on 900-Line Readers. These are tarot readers who give paid readings through a phone reading service. Bonnie gives her experienced opinions about reading in this manner and Leisa interviews Amanda, a 900-line reader. The 78 Notes To Self segment is called "Paper Moon," my reflections on the Moon card.

Once again Leisa provides an invaluable service to the tarot community with these quality podcasts with tremendously useful information in a format that's easy to understand. The show notes offer additional information, charts, graphics, etc. that can help as well. I urge you to visit her site and listen to the podcasts and read the show notes, too.


  1. I enjoyed your comments on the Justice card, particularly because you are so well read and bring in lots of information into your analysis of the card at hand.

  2. One of the main things that fascinates me about tarot is its archetypal symbolism. Therefore, those archetypes can be traced through history and seen in various incarnations in different cultures. I love finding those connections. Understanding these concepts has helped me a whole lot in tarot reading. With the Majors, sometimes the concepts are so broad and global it can be difficult to narrow it down to fit an ordinary reading, but with that broader understanding of the archetype, I find I am better able to recognize the simpler message, plus I don't get locked in to one standard meaning for the card.


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