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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Testing 1...2...3
I just did my first audio reading for a client and, according to the feedback I received, it went quite well.  So, I am now offering audio readings as an option.  If you would prefer to receive your reading in a download-able audio file format instead of written text via email, just let me know.  It takes about the same amount of time to produce, so there isn't any difference as to pricing. 

I am also trying to work out a way to offer tarot classes and a download-able e-book.  I've worked for hours today rearranging the site and searching online for products and services to help with this stuff.  It's definitely doable, so I'm going to do it, but it takes a lot of time. 

I really do enjoy working with all this techno stuff, so it's all good.


  1. Anonymous2:39 AM

    Very cool. What a great idea!



  2. Great! Also, the new design is wonderful - exuberant and bright and smile-inducing.

    Let me know any time you want to talk and compare notes on ways of offering classes, downloads or readings. I've spent ages experimenting with this stuff.

  3. (Ugh. I check the 'name and url' option and it makes me anonymous. hilary@onlineClarity.co.uk :) )

  4. Wish me luck Ginny- I have my first audio reading on Tuesday and I'm sort of nervous :S

  5. Love the new design. Very fresh - I´m envious!

  6. Very good idea with the audio reading.Much faster and more personal.

  7. That is so cool. The power of technology is amazing. I love techno stuffs too. Have a pleasant day.


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