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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stuff Made of Win
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Leisa released a new podcast!  Actually, two!  In a month!  I'm excited, can you tell?  Epsiode 98 of The Tarot Connection podcast is all about Jupiter transits with Dena DeCastro.  I am so intrigued by the blending of astrology and tarot, but I'm so skeptical about combining them, too.  Nevermind my internal conflict, listen to the podcast and enjoy these two professionals at work.

Episode 99 is an interesting blend of tarot professionals talking about Significators and with which court they identify.  If you've never really used Significators, you might want to read the handout from Episode 26 on Significators.  (The podcast episode itself has been archived and is available for purchase at shop.tarotconnection.net in the Year One Archive mp3 DVD.) 

I just had a fabulous session last night with Intuitive Coach, Jennifer Halls.  She works magic, I tell you! Everyone is intuitive and everyone can benefit from learning how to fine tune the intuitive muscles and inner guidance that is always available to each one of us if we can learn how to listen.  Jennifer cuts right to the heart of the situation and with her own strong and accurate intuitive skills and helps her clients reclaim what is rightfully theirs -- connection with the energy and guidance all around us and within us to live our lives as we are meant to.  She is the developer of You know.™ a unique way of teaching intuitive skills. She also teaches tarot, naturally. 

Tarosophy, the brainchild of Marcus Katz, founder of Tarot Professionals, now hosts Tarot Town a new social network for tarot people.  It's free to join and tarot people are fun and...interesting.  Do it.  You know you want to.

And a shamelesss plug, my Solstice Sale ends July 31, so for two more weeks my Full Email Readings are just $30, that's $10 off my usual rate of $40.  Gift Certificates are available for $30 for this limited time as well.  Who says you can't give one to yourself to use later?

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