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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Notable Nods
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Happy 100th Podcast to The Tarot Connection! For Leisa Refalo's most recent podcast she invited a panel of four other tarot readers and professionals from the tarot community to exchange ideas and opinions about some of the recent "hot topics" in the tarot world today:
* Certification
* Legitimizing Tarot vs.Reading on the Fringe
* Individual Expression
* Spiritual Elitism
* Tarot Police
* Counseling
* Rephrasing Questions
* Insurance Fraud
* Copyrights & Trademarks
* Fraud
* World Tarot Day
* Intellectual Property
  Her guests for the discussion were Donnaleigh, radio podcast personality, professional tarot reader & psychic artist; Storm Cestivani, Celebrity Psychic; Thalassa, producer of the San Francisco Bay Area Tarot Symposium; and me, Ginny Hunt, professional tarot reader and author of the tarot blog 78 Notes To Self. The show approaches these topics in order to generate discussion, not to be any kind of authoritative word on them and there were some valid points to consider, especially if one reads tarot professionally or attempting to offer something valuable to the tarot community at large.  I recommend also reading the comments section below the podcast on the site.

If you've never checked out author and artist Enrique Enriquez's blog, tarology (beta), it's a must.  Very creative and loaded with rich articles, poetry and musings.   He's the author of the e-book Looking at the Marseilles Tarot: Notes on Tarot's Optical Language.  He makes this ancient deck accessible and workable even for those who don't get non-pictorial pips.  Enrique has been featuring the most fascinating conversations with contributors in the tarot community.  They're not "interviews" but conversations and they're delightful to read, especially if you get into the heady intellectual/artsy stuff like I do.

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