Saturday, April 09, 2011

Do You Kindle?

I would love to own a Kindle. So for all the Kindle users, I have made 78 Notes To Self available for download.



Marcus Katz said...


Your Tarot blog is definitely worth having on my Kindle and I have now subscribed. I look forward to having 78 Notes wherever I am and whenever I want to connect to one of the most insightful commentaries of contemporary Tarot in the world.

Thank you for making this available.

Marcus Katz
Co-Director, Tarot Professionals

EarthAngel2911 ~ said...

Yay!! Thank you so much! I'm always interested in having good tarot references on my Kindle, and this will be the best blog addition yet. :-)


R.K. Foster said...


How has this Kindle version worked out for you in terms of the technology involved? I'd love to talk to you about the process of implementing this if you'd like to contact me (or I can contact you somehow).


Ginny said...

Hi Bob, you can email me at if you'd like more info or go to this link:

I know it's long, but it's Amazon's doing.

Carole said...

I've just found this on your blog and have downloaded it on to my Kindle. What a great idea.

Thank you


Sammy said...

I am disappointed beyond words that even though I own a Kindle I cannot subscribe to my favourite blogs because I live here in Australia *sends Amazon the frowning of a lifetime*

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