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Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Few More One Card Readings
H.H. wrote --
"I'm new to Tarot and have been learning for just about 6 months now. I love to visit your blog and find it very insightful. I was hoping you might be able to give me a one card reading.

I have had a talent for writing from a young age, my favourite types being poetry and creative writing. My highest marks in school were in English, and through the years, all of my teachers urged me to further my abilities in University. I'm now wondering whether it would be beneficial to me to pursue writing and/or other English studies as a post-secondary option [and eventually career?]."

I had a strong feeling a court card would come to answer your question and relay advice, but I was a little surprised to see our Knight of Pentacles stand up. In asking him what he might say to you, I heard him clearly advise to not give up on a goal. He said that your dreams and ambitions when you were young are clearly rooted in reality, not some wild fantasy, and you have the tools and resources within you. What you don't have, you can surely acquire. He says to remain steadfast and focused and you will achieve what you desire, and yes, given his eye on his pentacle, you will no doubt find you can translate this study to a career.

Hi Ginny,

*whispering* I'm being stalked by the Death card. Every meditational reading for nearly two weeks. Different decks. There's absolutely no doubt he's trying to tell me something. But to do with what loss or ending? Could it perhaps foreshadow the death of someone in my midst? (BTW, I've seen a lot of the D-Man in my life, and learned to come to turns with him---so don't gloss. Not that you do, ever.:)


I am not sure if this card is still haunting you or if the time between you sending me the request and now has shown you what it was trying to say. However, I will give this a go and see what we can see:

Justice, like Death, is the great equalizer as well. She does not show partiality, but simply dispenses that which we reap ourselves. Unlike the Grim Reaper, though, it is we who do the reaping, not her. She simply rights things and puts them into their proper balance. Death showing up in your readings, I believe, was to alert you to an area of your life that was ending or needing to be ended by a decision. I am sensing that it was not a decision you had control over, but instead that someone would make a decision that would effectually end this for you. While endings aren't pleasant, this ending would actually re-establish some equilibrium in your life.

Hello Ginny,

So I have a one card question for you:

I'm looking into new career possibilities. Does Tarot have any
suggestions? -- RW

Ok, this is tarot's idea of humor. Har-de-har. I mean, I was just asking what Death was doing in S's readings and now he decides to show up to tell RW what she should do for a living. But seriously, the first sense I got from the card, apart from undertaker, was something to do with hospice work. I really do not know what you are trained in or where your skills lie, RW, but you may want to look into working with people who are coming to this final transition in their lives. I have a friend who, by need and default, ended up working in a nursing home because she couldn't find work in her chosen specialty. She found her calling there, to her own surprise. She has helped quite a number of souls cross over and found it to be the most meaningful work she has ever done. Not so literally, you may want to research working with people in transition, who are moving from one phase of their lives to another. This could mean anything from credit counseling to crisis intervention and support.

Let me know what you all think, feel free to comment or email.


  1. Ginny, this was a very useful interpretation of the Death card. I'll be interested to hear what RW has to say. Other transition-type jobs could be working with immigrants (teaching English as a Second Language) or volunteering at a homeless shelter while thinking about next career steps.

    Another meaning that I was thinking of was that often, when we're trying to make a choice, the universe makes it for us, or pushes us in a new direction. So, RW may also find that while s/he is wondering about a career change, s/he may get laid off, or may have a family emergency that requires some time off from work, or something along those lines.

    Good luck RW, and thanks Ginny.

  2. Quite right, Anya. There are many "transition-type" jobs. I thought about this after posting, but even a real estate agent would be one who help people move, literally, from one life/home to another.

  3. Anonymous4:10 AM

    Lets see if I can manage to post a comment.

    It's very interesting. First off, anya, I am a ESL teacher right now. And I didn't intend to be one. It just kinda happened.

    We're going to be moving to Canada or Finland next year and I'm looking into trying something new. Not that I don't like ESL ...

    Ginny, when I saw your reading my jaw hit the ground. For the past three years I've thought on and off about doing hospice work.

    However when I found out that the waiting list to 'train' here in Germany is one to two years long I decided against it. I'd again thought about it for Canada but kept coming up to dead ends. (no pun intended)

    Perhaps I'll go out and see what's there. Or, as with what happened with ESL, something may simply find me.


    Rebecca (Winkle)

  4. Anonymous9:36 PM

    H.H. here.

    Thanks so much for the reading :) Strangely enough, lately I have been seeing the Knight of Pentacles popping up in my own readings!

    I think his advice will do me good-- to not give up. I have been out of the formal school system for a year or two and was starting to doubt whether I would be able to get myself motivated enough to plunge back in again.

  5. Rebecca, that hospice thing was pretty strongly felt when I looked at the card and I honestly had no idea you were inclined in that direction. I would seriously take another look at the possibilities and options in that field.

    HH, that's really interesting that he's been stalking you. Looks like he's been trying to encourage you to keep pressing on. :)

    Thanks for the feedback everyone. :)


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