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Friday, February 02, 2007

Mail Readings & Podcasts
I'm glad you all are enjoying the one-card readings. Here are a few more:

HC wrote about a situation in which she is moving from her own apartment into a shared living situation with a roommate. She explained, "I am nervous about it because although I am doing this to save money, if it doesn't work out, then financially it could be a disaster. Unfortunately, here in the New York City area rent is very high. I know I will not be able to find the same space that I have now for the rent I'm paying if this doesn't work out. However, having always lived alone I feel it might be a good idea to try out life with a roommate...I always love some guidance, in the long run it is one of those questions that has to be decided by relying on my own intuition. Many times I really just want the cards to back up what I already know is my feeling about the situation. Despite my fear I feel it is important to try something new at this stage of my life. I am going through enormous changes lately and as a Scorpio this can be disconcerting but I am trying to challenge myself in 2007. We shall see!"
HC, what a wonderful, reassuring card to receive for your question. The Nine of Cups is often called "The Wish Card" in tarot and implies that you will be emotionally satisfied with the outcome of your situation. I think another aspect of this card is of note, too, and that is the obvious comfort and wealth of the figure in the card. In some decks he is an innkeeper and is doing quite well in his business, so this tells me this is a positive financial move for you as well, resulting in feeling good about your life and yourself. The only cautionary advice I can glean here is to make sure what's yours is yours, that you protect what belongs to you, even while you share what you have. Good luck! It looks good for you!

RW wrote --
"Dear Ginny,
First of all, you rock. I have learned so much since stumbling across the Tarot Connection podcast, and your commentaries are my favorite part. You are clearly gifted, not only as a tarot reader but also as a writer.

I am 23, finishing grad school soon, and I still have no idea what I am going to do afterwards with my life. Or rather, I have tons of vague ideas but everything is up in the air. The options I am considering are involve radically different physical locations as well as different degrees of practicality and risk. Any idea which path I should pursue? Thanks so much."

First, I want to thank you for your kind words, RW. I'm glad you're enjoying both the podcasts and this blog. In answer to your question the Queen of Swords appeared to give you advice. She would advise critically thinking through your choices but with a leaning towards that which would also emotionally satisfy you. While the choices may seem equal, there is one that you feel more drawn to. It may not even be the most lucrative, but it is an area of work that you really like more than the others. Her elemental combination of water and air brings that critical thinking together with emotions, so instead of the King showing up here, which would be telling you to only listen to logic and rational thinking, the Queen is saying don't forget that people usually excel and are happier doing what they really feel an affinity for. You didn't mention your area of study, but the Queen of Wands would make an excellent counselor type, as an advisor, a teacher, a consultant. She would make an excellent business leader, legal advisor, a "go-to" person with answers and solutions. Most of all you want to choose that which "makes sense" -- not that which makes most money (or we would have seen a Pentacles card here).

CN wrote--
"I love your one-card readings... It's simply this: business/tech or creative?"
The Devil giving advice? Well, sure, why not? He's the Lord of the Material World after all and as such has a lot of expertise in matters important to all of us. It seems your question was prompted more by concerns about those material things, especially money, and we all need that for sure. But he's also advising doing that which feels good, which brings satisfaction to you. He says you can have both, you can have it all, you can! Why choose between money and satisfaction? He's rather the Jack (or Jill) of all trades, so while business/tech might be more lucrative, creative, earthy, genuinely real endeavors would bring you pleasure. So combine them if you can. Do both. Earn money however you can, but don't sacrifice what makes you feel good else you can get stuck in a place you really don't want to be and won't feel good about.

That's it for today for the readings. I hope they've helped shed some light on your situations. Meanwhile, there are new podcasts up for downloading and listening to. Please scoot on over to The Tarot Connection and check out Episode #27 "Kings, Esoteric Decks, and Old Greek Stories" and Episode #28 "Yes/No Readings." You'll notice Leisa has redecorated her digs and it's just gorgeous. A feast for the eyes and the ears!


  1. I enjoy your discussion of the symbolism in the one card reading and really enjoy your podcasts. Keep up the good work.

  2. Anonymous5:46 PM

    Leave it to me to get advice from the devil! Thanks, Ginny. I love your readings.



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