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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Weekend Warriors
This weekend I am off to Pennsylvania to attend an Amtgard event, Great Eastern IX. This is the largest Amtgard event on the east coast and it is being held this year at the same campsite as the SCA's Pennsic. I did a reading last night on the event and in the immediate future position these two cards came up:Ok so, how literal is that? I laughed out loud when I saw those cards together. At Amtgard events people literally play battle games with sticks as depicted in the Five of Wands and the events are fun affairs, like the party atmosphere of the Four of Wands. Tarot could not have been more literal.

Anyway, I will be out of here Friday, May 25 through Monday, May 28. So I won't be blogging or doing readings until next week. I hope everyone has a nice Memorial Weekend, too.


  1. Funny card, the five of wands. I pulled it for my family reunion next month. And there are five of us and we tend to get into discussions.

    I hope that you have a safe trip and a good four of wands party.

  2. Anonymous11:05 PM

    Don't forget that there is also a real castle on the event grounds, per the four of wands! Well done.

  3. Ha! I like that euphemism: "discussions" LOL

    And YES, there is a castle on the grounds and it is very cool, and look at that, it IS on the 4 of wands. Good call. :)


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