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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Aftermath
Great Eastern IX was a blast. It rained off and on all weekend, and not just light sprinkles, but heavy downpours that came through the mountains like a freight train drenching everything thoroughly, then disappearing just as quickly. The tent stayed dry, though, which was a plus, because everything and everyone else didn't.

There were castle sieges and company battles, an all night lit ditching (fighting) field, knightings, and drunken knight brawls. Assassin ninjas were captured and humiliated. A Margarita party was thrown with a gas-powered blender that looked like a cross between a small lawnmower and a motorcycle.

It turned out to be one huge, soaking medieval party. It was great. The people there were wonderful. I knew many and met more warm, friendly, crazy, Amtgardians from all over the US and Canada.

All that to say, I'm now back to this tarot thing and will be answering your questions in the following posts.


  1. Looks like a great time! Of course, I can't imagine a bad time where margaritas are involved. ;-)

  2. Oh yeah, it was a great time. :) Despite the rain. Despite the cold. Despite the fact that the closest bathrooms were porta-potties. At least there were actual facilities with showers on the site.

    Oh and did I mention belly dancing class? Yes! There was a belly dance workshop. That was fun. And a Bardic competition with ballads being sung by very talented singers. And a guy strumming his guitar and singing Margaritaville in garb. It really was a LOT of fun and I can't wait to go again next year.


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