We are all wanderers on this earth. Our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams.

Friday, July 21, 2006

A Quick Reading on the Blog
A Past-Present-Future reading about this new blog:
Past: Princess of Pentacles. This young Celtic lass is a newbie to this endeavor. Obviously, that's me, newbie blogger, trying to learn how this whole blogosphere operates. It also represents my decision a while back to earn money (pentacles) via tarot reading online, which brought me to this decision to start this blog.
Present: Four of Pentacles. Hmmm. This guy is keeping some things safe, secret, and locked up. The thing about this card is that while he can do that, for sure, and probably should, he really won't see any growth in his endeavors unless he invests what he has into them. I think the card is telling me two things: be safe, reserve some resources for myself, but this project won't get anywhere if I don't invest in it. There needs to be a balance in order to achieve what I am aiming for. (Just to see if I was on the right track with that interpretation, I drew a clarifying card and I drew The Chariot. That card is all about balancing two opposing forces to achieve a successful result. So yeah, I was right on. It also bodes well for success providing you just get going, get moving in a direction, and keep those doggies rolling.)
Future: The Lovers. Seems we're gonna be gettin' jiggy with it here at 78 Notes To Self! Shall I bring out the erotic tarot cards? Wooo! Good times! Actually, this card is representing the commitment I shall need to make to something that I love. I love writing. I love tarot. Apparently we're a good match. There may be a crucial decision coming up for me and this card advises choosing with the heart. Do what you love.
Good advice. Thanks tarot.