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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Cross My Palm With Silver...
A few months ago I decided to read tarot professionally on Kasamba, an internet advice site. Yes, for money. Hey, I've put years into the daily studying of the cards, their history and usage; and my skills are good, so I deserve to get paid for what I do. What I noticed right away is that people will pay me to ask about:
  • Love
  • Money
  • Love
  • Jobs/Careers (i.e., money)
  • Love

Oh, and did I mention...Love?

So, I was thinking maybe if you love someone you should tell them. In fact, don't just tell them, show them, too. Then they don't have to pay me $1.99 a minute to ask tarot cards if you really do or you don't. Likewise, if you don't love them, tell them. That way, they don't have to pay me $1.99 a minute to ask if you're ever coming back to them.

Wait. On second thought...nevermind. A girl's gotta pay the bills.


  1. Anonymous11:45 PM

    Oh yea the Love question are big on Kasamba. "How does Bobby feel about me?" "Does Bobby love me"
    Will bobby return to me?"

    People are very insecure with themsevles.

  2. Sadly, people aren't always straight and honest, or they sometimes want to play both sides of a situation...so that leads to another person feeling like there's more to this than meets the eye. And that's when they consult a reader. Which is why I said, "If you love someone, tell them. If you don't, tell them." Don't leave people guessing and wondering. Be honest. That would help a lot.

  3. Anonymous12:44 AM

    I am also a Reader on kasamba, Have you looked through the Message board? It so hard to deal with these questions, It is why I look for the right people with the questions that need the most attention.

  4. Yeah, I know. :/ I have found that so many people do not understand how best to place their question before a tarot reader in order to really get useful information. What I have found often (not always) helps on the message board is to draw one to three cards on the querant. Give them a general idea of what you are seeing there. Then, if they query you for a reading, engage them in a short dialogue that can help them rephrase the question in a way that will yield more helpful information from the cards. For example, if someone is asking if Bobby loves them, will Bobby call, etc., I will offer to take a look at the possible reasons, but more importantly, what are the querant's options, what can they do in this situation which will be best for them.

    Also, they assume all tarot readers are psychic and while some are, not all are. Some of us are just really good tarot readers. It's up to the reader to debunk some of these myths, to explain more fully how the cards work and what a seeker can expect from a reading.

    Kasamba is an interesting venue through which to do readings. It's not ideal. More often than not it's like "Drive Thru Tarot." People want their answers fast and accurate and they don't want to spend their minutes delving deeply into their readings, which can be frustrating because tarot is best used for those deeper digs. Under pressure to give answers on the snap, a reader may find it hard to relax and focus. It can be quite challenging.

    So yeah, I hear you. I think it's the nature of the type of system Kasamba is. When a client pays by the minute and when both the client and the reader are fairly anonymous and exchanging a reading across a computer like this, all together it doesn't make for optimum reading conditions for either person.

  5. Is it very difficult to read for people on those sites? I was thinking about joining one. Is there one that you would recommend?

  6. Hi Glenda! :) Kasamba has turned into LivePerson and I heard recently they aren't taking any new spiritual consultants. But there are other sites. It's not that it is "difficult" to read for people on those sites, but a majority of the readings one does on them are what I call "fast food reading" -- in, out, not a lot of "nutritional" value. That's because the meter is running and people obviously and understandably don't want to waste money on a reading that's less than applicable or accurate. They want Yes/No, dates, times, accurate predictions. They tend to be less interested in looking at motivations or how to approach a situation to their best outcome. They want to know if he will call, if she will come back, if they will get the job, if the test results will be negative, etc. While these are valuable readings to give, they tend to be rushed and sometimes they just feel...I dunno...unsatisfying? Also, the expectation for tarot readers is that they are psychics first, tarot readers second. One needs to be specific in your description/profile about what you actually do. Many tarot readers do have psychic abilities but we primarily read tarot. So, that's an important distinction to make, but still most people don't really understand the difference.

    It's challenging, but I got a lot of experience reading in that venue. It was valuable in my growth as a reader.


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