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Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Tarot Court: The Knight of Wands
Ok, the party has begun, the Knight of Wands is here! Oh, you weren't planning on a party? Too bad. He brings the party with him. Eager to try most anything once, or twice, this young man creates a stir wherever he goes. Are you game? No? He's got game enough for you both. He's charming, flashy, charismatic, and bursting with energy. Wooo hoo, here we go! Hang on!

I particularly like the DruidCraft image of the Knight of Wands because of the movement and energy depicted as well as the fact that he's one of the only knights in tarot I've ever seen grinning like that. He looks at you with a sideways twinkle in his eye from just under his helm as he bounds over hills and across grassy fields. If it's an adventure, he's up for it and he's bound to enjoy it. This one will likely bring a smile to your face, too. His enthusiasm is infectious and his antics are amusing. He's full of swagger, boasting, and bravado, but there's something about that wink that tells you he doesn't take himself, or much of anything, too seriously.

What he lacks in skill, he makes up for in confidence, and that alone will usually tide him over. He has no fear and will take on a challenge just for the sport of it. He's competitive and doesn't like to lose. Sometimes, if angered, you'll find out how much a poor sport he can be. He lashes out quickly, sometimes violently, in fits of fleeting rage. He can pop off with little provocation, but just as quickly calm down and move on. Thing is, like all the other knights, save the Knight of Pentacles, he just doesn't have the maturity to see much of anything through to completion. He'd rather start things than finish them, dabbling in various activities and interests. If there's one thing he cannot tolerate is being bored. That's a problem because he bores quickly. He hops from job to job, might have enough college credits for three degrees, but actually has none completed. He needs a lot of stimulation and really cannot stay in one place, or one relationship, too long. He has the reputation as a Player, a guy who finds 'em, fucks 'em, and forgets them. His conquests are left to sort out their own dizziness in the wake of this whirlwind. Though as much as that behavior may leave you cold, there's just something about this character that you can't hate. He'll leave you with a smile even if he's just turned your whole world inside out.

As elements go, this knight is "fire of fire." Whoa. That's a lot of energy. But without any other elements to temper this flame, he sometimes rages out of control or quickly dies out. One or the other, because there's nothing to keep it slowly, temperately burning. He's got two settings: On and Off. His energy can be quite welcome at the right moment, or you just want him to go away. Now. Stop it.

When the Knight of Wands appears in a tarot reading, he's advising a highly enthusiastic, active approach. Take the bull by the horns, damn the torpedos, full speed ahead! Don't think, ACT! Foolhardy bravery is what's called for here because it might be the only way you'll accomplish this. If he's a person likely to be involved, prepare for assiness extraordinaire. He'll charge in, do what needs doing, and then wink and say, "I knew I could do it. It was EASY." If you want some fun, he's just the one to help. Wanna go bungee-jumping? Sure! He'll be the first one to yell, "Road trip!" Conversely, if you find yourself itching to jump in with both feet where angels fear to tread, he could be advising you to check your impulses. Are you acting too hastily? What about the consequences? That's a really long drop...can you make it? And anyway, weren't you supposed to babysit your niece this weekend? Should you just run off to the 3-day Rock Festival in the next state?

The one thing about most of the knights, and especially this one, is their effect is rather short-lived. He's a party alright, but he doesn't last forever. He ties one on and leaves you with the hangover the morning after. So if a bit of kicking up your heels is the right medicine, he's great company. Just remember who pays the dues. Here's a hint: it's not him.

DruidCraft Tarot By Stephanie Carr-Gomm & Philip Carr-Gomm & Will Worthington Published by Connections 2004