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Monday, September 25, 2006

The Tarot Court: The Queen of Wands
Charming people live up to the very edge of their charm, and behave as outrageously as the world lets them. --Logan Pearsall Smith (1865-1946), U.S. essayist, aphorist.

You can't miss her. Her energy lights up a city block. Her personality sparkles and sizzles. This woman is SEXY, fun, witty, and charming. She's not just the life of the party, she IS the party. She's planned it, coordinated every detail, brought in fabulous entertainment, and made sure everything goes off without a hitch. Enter, the Queen of Wands, with a spotlight on her, flashbulbs popping, and adoring admirers waiting for an opportunity to bask in her short-lived attention.

The thing women have got to learn is that nobody gives you power. You just take it. -Roseanne Barr

She's firey, flashy, and charismatic. She is aggressive and assertive, creative and knows how to live life to the fullest. She's ready to take on adventure, new ideas, new projects, but she'd rather be the one to come up with the original idea herself. But even if it's someone else's idea, she'll be happy to come in and take charge and tell them how it's done. She's so confident in her abilities that she can, if not careful, run roughshod over others, with the best of intentions, of course, to the point that you might have to tell her severely to "Back off!" She won't hear you otherwise.

As her Queenly element is water, her wands fire is tempered with sensitivity. She's not as brash as her knight, nor as single-minded as her king. When overly emotional, that water can put her fire right out and you'll find her depressed and sluggish, crying over everything and nothing. Wait it out, she'll find that spark again. More often, the "water of fire" combination results in sizzling, steamy, hotness that knows just the right temperature to keep things cooking at the proper pace. Her actions, while energetic, come from her heart and she deeply cares about the outcome and its effect on everyone involved. This is partly why she can host such wonderful events: she truly cares that everyone there has a great time. It's really not all window dressing for herself, though it may seem that way sometimes.

Ill-aspected, the Queen of Wands has her anger issues. She can be scary. She'll key your car, break the fine china, and throw a hissy fit worthy of an Academy Award. At her very worst, she can display the violent mood swings of someone with Bi-Polar Disorder off her meds. It's that water/fire combination. She can be promiscuous, meddling, and yes, abusive. If her insecurities prevail, you will find her at middle age wearing her teenage daughter's clothing and shagging her son's friends. As brash and bold as she can be, as seemingly independent as she appears, she has a strong need to be partnered with someone. This isn't necessarily a weakness, but her distractedness can cause her to either be serially monogomous with a high number of long-term partners or a philandering cheater who is always betraying the ones she claims to love. I likened Scarlett O'Hara to this queen, and of course that impression comes from the more negative qualities. While I admire Scarlett's pluck and determination, it's hard to admire her manipulative narcissism, which is precisely where this queen can go if reversed.

Yet, even when she's bad, she's good. Her disarming smile, her quick wit, her engaging personality goes a long way with others who will more often forgive her shortcomings and put up with her temper as small sacrifice to basking in this woman's warm and exciting presence. It takes a LOT to get to the point Rhett Butler did when he turned his back and finally exited with, "Frankly, Scarlett, I don't give a damn." And he, being quite the rogue and scoundrel himself, a Knight of Wands, really, even given his age, he had a lot of tolerance for her antics. Most will do as he did for so long and really get a kick out of her, see her manipulations, and love her anyway. Therefore, as advice the Queen of Wands is kicking things up a notch and urging you to be passionate about life, about love, about everything you do. She recommends a night of dancing, but not at your usual place. Find a new kind of music to dance to, take belly dance lessons, create a scene, be impulsive and let your inner sex goddess out. Do what you love and do it with enthusiasm and flair. Be outrageous once in a while. She'll be the first to remind you that you only go around once in life, so live. A little crazy never hurt anyone. And if it did, they'll forgive you.

The Cosmic Tarot by Norbert Losche Published by Published by US Games 1986
Classic Tarot By Carlo DellaRocca Tarot Deck Published by Lo Scarabeo


  1. I love this Queen! She's so hard to resist...even when you know she doesn't deserve what you're giving her, you still want to. But don't make her mad; she can get quite ugly.

  2. I almost likened her to Madonna, both in the good and bad aspects. As she said during her "hot flash" during an interview "Someone get me a FAN! It's UNbeLIEVEable!" LOL :D But boy can she put on a show, right? And it's obvious that she is passionate about her work and in giving the audience what they came for. Scarlett is like Queen of Wands Rx, AND Queen of Pentacles Rx, but I think Madonna embodies the whole of the Queen of Wands.

  3. Agreed! No wonder I love both this Queen and the Queen of Pop--Madonna! :D

  4. Anonymous9:56 PM

    This queen is so hot. I've got to invite her to my next party. She's a redhead, right?

  5. She's often depicted with red hair, and all the sterotypes about redheads do fit with this queen's firey and unpredictable temperament. ;)

  6. I like this Queen! Many people can't resist its beauty, even me!

  7. Please tell me where the card on the top (the one that looks like Elizabeth Taylor) came from. I NEED this deck!


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