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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Tarot Court: The Knight of Pentacles
“'Tis known by the name of perseverance in a good cause, and of obstinacy in a bad one”
- Laurence Sterne (Irish born English Writer, 1713-1768)

You may have noticed in some of my other descriptions of the knights of tarot that I made exception for this knight, the Knight of Pentacles. Where I pointed out the lack of staying power and unreliability in the others, this one comes through with just those qualities. It is, in fact, what distinguishes him not just from the other knights but from all the tarot court. His word is his bond, he is fiercely loyal and if he takes on a task you can be sure it will be done and done well, if not at the time appointed. He is so terribly thorough he will take all the time necessary to complete a job even if you might think he's taking unnecessary pains.

You see, his methodical nature insists that he first have a plan. Not a rough draft, not a sketch, no, he needs blueprints with measurements and maps drawn to scale. A 3-D model maybe, too. He must know ahead of time the tools he will need and he must know how to use them properly. Then and only then will he commence. Then, on the journey, he will take the most efficient route, not the shortcut if it proves risky or dangerous, and not the highway either if it takes him too far out of the way or if he has learned of construction delays. He drives the speed limit and fills up the gas tank before he goes. He watches the mile markers, too. If it doesn't make practical sense to stop at that interesting looking shop or scenic site, he won't, especially if he told someone at the other end of the journey that he would be there by a certain time. A bit of a tight ass? Yes, definitely. He's sure he knows the best way to do something and it's his way or no way. If you want something done, he's the man for the job, but it's best if you just leave him to it else you're liable to tear your hair out in the process. He's a bit of a control freak, so just let him have his way or he'll drive you crazy with his insistence and persistence.

He's often pictured astride his horse but not going anywhere. He's often well armored and guarded with a shield. These depictions aren't meant to say he doesn't get anywhere, he does, but in his own time. His comprehensive approach simply means he spends a lot of time preparing, but when he does move he can move quickly if that is what is called for, and there is no questioning the success of the endeavor. He stands in contrast to the other knights who are rushing off on this or that quest often ill-prepared with merely their passion and ideas in tow. This guy had to have been an Eagle Scout because the Boy Scout Motto is his own.

Being a knight, he does embody the element of fire, of active energy, so don't let his stationary appearance fool you. It's just that as "fire of earth" he knows how to keep that fire smouldering at just the right temperature to get things cooking. Which leads me to another aspect of the pentacles court that I haven't mentioned, probably because last time I was talking about the Page and it just isn't seemly to talk about sex with pages (erotic decks excepted), but this knight and all the pentacles people are very earthy and luxurious in their sexual tastes. The pentacles folk love the good things in life, the things that bring physical delight and comfort and as such are very sensuous. And this knight can last all night. Most associate making love with cups (emotion) and wands (passion), but pentacles has its own sensuous style and its symbolism is directly associated with the Devil, that horny hotness himself, the Lord of the Material World. Very sexy people these.

As advice the Knight of Pentacles would tell you to slow down and make sure you've dotted all your i's and crossed all your t's. Go over the fine print. Make sure your ass is covered. He also encourages you to keep your promises and stay true to your commitments. If you're weary and tempted to quit he beckons you to keep at it, keep grinding away at it and you will see success. Conversely, if a situation has been stagnant for some time, you might see this knight as telling you you're being a bit stubborn and could stand to compromise a bit, for his sight can be a tad too narrow when he's fixated on his own stuff. That's a tough call to make sometimes in a reading, whether to give in or keep plodding on because sometimes success may be just around the corner out of sight, or we may be going in circles. It's hard to tell sometimes, so be very aware of the surrounding cards with this one.

The Knight of Pentacles, for all his seeming stodgyness, is really a true blue friend, faithful to the end, and really, everyone needs someone like him in their corner. Even though obstinate and careful to a fault, follow-through is assured. It's really nice to know there are some people that can truly be counted on.


  1. Anonymous1:15 AM

    What an incredibly well thought out and thorough description of this sturdy character. One question, though. Shouldn't the picture from the Crowley deck be the Prince of Disks?


  2. YES! Look at that! See, I don't work with the Thoth that often and sometimes I breeze right past the change in names...the Knights in Crowley are Kings in other systems. I wasn't thinking when I posted that. Good call, Brad, thanks!

  3. Ok, I changed it to the Gilded Knight of Pentacles. He better illustrates what I said about his "stationary appearance."


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