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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Dear Ginny Mail
KW wrote--
"How can I best approach the fear and the challenge of the upcoming semester in a way that will allow me to do my best for me and for my students?"
I cracked up when this card showed his face. Why? Because I happen to know you are an archaeology instructor and this guy is King of Earth (Pentacles). You have had really good teachers yourself and you are now in the teacher role. You have achieved a position of mastery over the material and are now in a position to lead and teach others. This King is "air of earth" and as such has all the know-how and wisdom necessary to complete any earthly task he sets his mind to. His only problem are those bulls on either side of his throne. Sometimes the weight of his own predisposition to being so right and so solid and so sure before he makes a move can root him to the spot. These pentacles people can get bogged down in the details. However, his air element can usually lift him up from that place. Mind over matter, literally. The confidence represented by this card can be yours if you understand and know you truly are capable and have so very, very much to share. Relax, KW. You've got it covered.

KS asks--

"What do I need to know about my future with my boyfriend?"

Wow, the Kings are out in force tonight. Ah but here we have our sweetie, the King of Cups. He's indicating a stronger emotional bond in the future with your boyfriend, more emotional maturity and expression and commitment. While he will still be apt to be a little flakey, he can't help it, you will see a more mindful change in his demeanor towards you. Don't get me wrong, you may miss that Knight a bit in some ways, as Kings tend to be more settled and less spontaneous, but also more reliable. If I may say that about this King. Yes, yes, I can. He is way more reliable than his Knight, for sure. I might also venture to say that your boyfriend may be looking to have children with you in the future as Kings often represent fathers. You're still going to have to put up with his moods, though, sorry to say. But he will be less apt to blame things on you and more inclined to take responsibility for them himself. All in all a very positive outlook as you both mature within this relationship and take it to the next level.

S writes--"Dear Ginny,
I know there are "rules" about how to properly phrase a question for tarot and I don't know what they are. But I'd like advice about my relationship with my boyfriend. Will it improve? Should I try? Give up, after this long? Anything? Thanks. S. "
You're a gem, S, honestly, you made me smile. You know how I feel about "rules" don't you? Alright, so having said that, I will say that your question is fine. You're actually asking, given the current status of your relationship with your boyfriend, what should you do next? With that in mind I drew:
A miser! Ha! Only kidding. Actually I'm not. Tarot's advice to you is that you may need to stop oversharing, not so much in what you say but in what you're always doing, doing, doing for him. It seems, too, that you may feel afraid of losing your investment here, in that you've spent a long time putting a lot of effort and a lot of your self into this relationship and you are loathe to give it up. The advice of this card is twofold: examine your fears of loss and ask yourself what exactly are you afraid of and what would you actually be losing if you let go? Secondly, the advice of this card says "hold on a little longer." Fours are stable numbers and they ask us to wait a bit, stay still, don't act hastily. Sit tight. Reserve your resources, though. Withdraw the tangible support and active giving you have been doing. You're getting depleted here. Then see what happens.


  1. From KW:

    Thank you, Ginny! I can't tell you the peace I got from seeing the King of Pents there and your words!

    But, oh, you're so right about me being disposed to get bogged down in details. Which causes me to stall in midair ("air of earth")! I reached a point earlier today where I had to make a resolution to breathe and relax and let some of this OCD-ishness go.

    Curious, my entire time of returning to school had been flooded with Pentacles. Lately now that I'm done and working, Wands have been popping up, but when I get in this state over my work - the Pents seem to show up.

    Thank you, again. {{{}}}

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