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Thursday, January 25, 2007

One Carders
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There's really no question tarot cannot address. While the majority of my professional readings tend to be about relationships, the questions asked for these one-card readings have been quite varied. Makes my job more interesting.

HH asked --

"Dear Ginny,
My question has to do with Tarot. I already read a lot for others as well as myself, but making that transition from amateur to professional is a step I feel I would like to take. So my question is, do I have the talent to be a professional reader?"

HH, the Ten of Cups tells me that you are a person who feels the cards strongly, an intuitive reader who can interpret according to your empathic, intuitive and even psychic nature. Tens are also a transition time, so while you're almost ready to take the leap, you're not quite there yet. I got the sense from this card that you really feel reading professionally is your calling and that it would benefit both you and others emotionally, but for some reason you doubt that you know enough, are well versed in the study aspect of card reading, you know, the swords and pentacles part. Let me confess and assure you, I don't either. I need to learn more about elemental dignities myself and astrological associations, for example. The thing with any profession or area of life: we are always learning. Your intuition is telling you to go for it. You are ready to move to the Ace of Wands and act on this feeling.

Maria wrote --

"Hi Ginny,
My question for you is this one: I feel that at the moment my life is stuck, I'm on the cross croads, and I would like to know if there are chances to move on , and to find my way from this ended road?

Well, Maria, the Knight of Swords comes to your rescue. Can you feel the energy of this card? He is one of the faster moving Knights and gets the job done quick. There are ties to cut and with a few well-aimed strikes of his sword, you will find yourself unbound and moving again. Being of the swords suit, this tells me that what is holding you back more than anything else are your thoughts. Your mind is keeping you prisoner and it keeps tying ropes of worry and fear around you. The Knight brings truth to cut through the muddled mind and strike to the heart of the matter. Look at your situaton objectively, as if it were not you. If you were your own friend, what would you see? What would you tell her if you had to tell her the harshest truth? What needs to be cut away? The Knight also says get moving, so make it your mission to clear your thoughts of excess baggage, then act on the truth you see.

HC writes --

"Hi Ginny,
Love your blog! Especially the tarot court series you did. My question is about my career - what now? I'm finishing my undergrad education in psychology this year and need to decide which direction to go in within the field of psychology.


Well, the other day the Kings were sharing and today it looks like the Knights have a lot to say. The Knight of Cups recommends active work for you. This isn't a research psychologist, no, this one works with emotions and understands that realm very, very well. Knights in tarot tend to typically be of a youngish age range, adolescents to early twenties, so he may be nudging you in the direction of working with that age group. Alternatively, he may be representing you, if you are in that age bracket yourself, saying that you still have more to discover before you settle on one focus. Knights do tend to experiment a bit and are not quite ready to settle down. I do see individual counseling with this card rather than say, groups or family or even couples. I'd be interested in what you see in this card concerning your leanings and inclinations in your field of study. Art therapy? Music? There are many possibilities as this Knight is expressive and artistic as well.

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  1. HC here, I've been torn between environmental psych research and clinical counseling. A couple people have also suggested being a life coach, which wouldn't require licensing or a lot more school, like clinical counseling or research psychology would. Obviously like you said, he means counseling over research.

    That's really where my heart's at and I think he's telling me to keep following it, even if it seems like an impossible quest, which it has lately. After all, he is the Grail Knight isn't he, no quest is too great if involves the heart. :)

    I've been interested in art therapy & Jungian therapy, the psychology of dreams, relationship counseling, and lately mainly ecotherapy, which is basically using the healing benefits of the natural world in therapy. All of these things would fit him. Maybe I need to have some grad school experience before I decide on a specific area of counseling.

    There's something about that desert background too, not sure what, it's just jumping out at me. It looks just like where I live, and I'm so attached to this place, I'm reluctant to leave it.

    A very rich and helpful reading for just one card. Thank you so much!


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