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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Bam! One-Card Readings
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I hope you all are enjoying these one-card readings. I am. :)Feel free to continue sending your questions to my mailbox.

R wrote --

"Dear Ginny,
I am an ardent subscriber to your blog, a Tarot reader myself for the last 25 years or so, and would much appreciate a one card mental health reading...

Like you I suffer from depression and over the last year and half have weaned myself off of anti-depressants so the world looks totally different to me now as I enter a new phase with a much clearer head. So, basically I am looking for guidance on what I can do to boost my healing process :)

Blessings to you and yours."

The Page of Pentacles is the perennial student, the one who digs up practical knowledge he can use. So, I would say, R, that some research is in order. Not just the intellectual kind that increases your store of information and facts in your head, but practical, down-to-earth information and practice you can use. He's a do-it-yourselfer, too. His suit, pentacles, speaks of the body, the physical, and of the earth and all it's produce, so my hunch is that you will be able to increase and boost your healing more through diet and exercise and rather physical means moreso than mental or even spiritual. While all are necessary for holistic mental health, you will need to pay special attention to your physical needs in order to maintain mental equilibrium. On the days you are feeling "off" look to your diet and deficiencies therein, your daily activity level, and soothing yourself with what may seem like physical luxuries but which will yield a much better and healthier state of mind. But do your homework. What works for someone else may not be what works for you.

Espressocup writes --

"Dear Ginny,
I am sending you a question for a one card reading at your blog. My question is: What type of full time job will I get next? Or when will I get a full time job? I am job hunting and would like to know what's around the corner. :)"

Dear Espressocup,
Ever thought of being a party or event planner or coordinator? The Four of Wands has many possible fields of work associated with it. It can represent a party, moving home, a wedding or shower, or a vacation. Your next full time job could be in the real estate, hospitality, or party/event field. Are you interested in any of these areas of work? If so, I'd keep my eye out for jobs in the field which most interests you. As for timing, wands tend to be sooner rather than later, but 4's tend to put the breaks on things as they're kinda stable. So, you should be employed within the next 4 weeks (rather than 4 days). Let me know how it goes!

KH writes --

"Dear Ginny,

If you get this first let me say thank you in advance. The Runes keep telling me that "what is mine will come to me" and the Tarots keep bringing up the Tower, Magician, and Temperance, no matter what I seem to be asking as of late. I must add that I just bought a new deck -The Vampire Tarots- and their meaning for me is different then what I am used to working with. I am very confused as to what the universe is trying to tell me, and I am feeling trapped in my life. I don't know what path I should be on, or what direction I need to be taking. Nothing seems to fulfill me anymore. What am I failing to see?"

KH, it seems that one of the problems is that you are not well versed enough in any one tool you are using in order to gain a clear answer, OR you are consulting too many varied tools and becoming scattered and distracted. The Page of Wands has a hard time focusing on one thing too long and hence he moves about from this to that. He ends up knowing a little about a lot of everything, which is enriching, but he tends to be a dabbler until the next thing catches his fancy. His focus on that wand is telling. The Ace of Wands is like a matchstick that can light a bonfire or burn out quickly, it depends on what you do with it. The advice of the card therefore is to try and find something you can focus on and stick with it. The other side of this card is telling you that if you feel stuck, and clearly you do, do something, take action, go somewhere even if it's not ultimately where you think you will end up, rather than sit and do nothing. One action often leads to another and another and before you know it you are on your way.

That's it for today. More to come.

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    I have to admit, I am one who does get bored too easy. And I have made the choice to move out from Ontario to British Columbia within the year.


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