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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Two New Podcasts
Somehow I neglected to announce The Tarot Connection Podcast Episode #24 and already Leisa has produced Episode #25 as well. My bad.

Episode #24 features James Wells speaking about open-ended questions and their value in reading as well as demonstrating how his techniques work with Leisa. Bonnie's Hermit's Journey segment covers symbols and symbolism found in tarot cards and their range of meanings. The 78 Notes To Self segment features my post on the Hierophant, "Hey! Teacher! Leave Those Kids Alone!"

Episode #25 features Yoga instructor Nicole Mohr discussing how she uses an oracle deck as a focus and meditative tool in her classes. Bonnie's Hermit's Journey focuses on two deck reviews, Baroque Bohemian Cats Tarot and Tarot of Dreams. The 78 Notes To Self segment is a continuation of my Tarot Court Series: The Queens.

Happy Listening!


  1. I enjoyed the podcasts on the queens. I didn't think that your comments on the Queen of Wands deserved the explicit warning but then again, it is part of kicking things up a notch, as you note.

  2. Wait until you hear what I say about the King of Wands. LOL While my blog is exceedingly tame for a blog, it's not so tame in the tarot community nor in broadcasts, but podcasts are not regulated by the FCC, so I guess it just gives folks a heads up when Ginny decides to get a little "too real." ;)


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