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Friday, May 18, 2007

You Ask, I Answer
That last post about card pairs got me thinking that you might have questions I might be able to answer about tarot reading in general. Or at least give you my opinion at any rate. What do YOU want me to talk about in here? Here's your chance. Strike while I'm in the mood to be agreeable. Use the comment section of this post as a suggestion box.


  1. Hi Ginny,
    I would like to hear your thoughts about useing 2 or more decks in a reading.


  2. Anonymous11:12 AM

    You haven't done reversals yet, have you? That seems like a topic every good tarot writer has to cover.

  3. Which is your favorite spread for a quick reading? Is there anything about it that we should be aware of?

  4. Ooooh these are GREAT requests. Keep 'em coming! :)

    --Reading with multiple decks
    --Quick spreads

  5. Anonymous8:52 PM

    How do you keep track of tarot spreads? Most people recommend the old Tarot journal but I'm more interested in mnemonic or other methods that help select a spread based on the question or other methods. Do you find that you always use the same set of spreads?

  6. More question

    How do you read for yourself?

    What was the most significant reading you did?

  7. Anonymous8:20 AM

    "Quintessentials" of a spread: whether you use them at all, and what role they play in a reading.

  8. Hei.

    I first want to thank you for this great blog, I am still quite new to tarot, so by reading this I have had a few ace of sword experiences. Thank you!

  9. Anonymous6:50 PM

    Can you tell me how to do the double celtic cross spread? I can't find out anywhere, and I want to be sure I know what I am doing! I hope that wasn't a stupid question. Toodles!!

  10. Anonymous3:00 AM

    umm..okay my life path number is four how psychic am i ??

  11. I wouldn't have any idea how psychic anyone is, regardless of life path number, which is, by the way, numerology not tarot. There's no way to assess someone else's psychic abilities. I could ask the cards if you were psychic but if it gave me The Moon, I could deduce that you were quite psychic...or just crazy, not sure which. ;) Just kidding, I believe everyone has psychic abilities and it's just a matter of tuning in to them and following those nudges and prompts.

  12. I've recently discovered and am now hopelessly -- though happily -- addicted to your site. I love my cards and simply adore how you bring to life their personality as well as their penchant for opening up life's mysteries.

    I do have a question, though. One that comes with a back story, so bear with me.

    Using the Timing Spread -- a new one for me and one I'm loving --, I asked "When will my partner be offered a job?" I received the Six of Cups, the Page of Pentacles, the Six of Wands and Temperance.

    Great! Made sense to me. We'll have a reunion of sorts within six days via a message concerning work and let's say things will be clearer in about a month. But there will be a victorious or celebratory feel in the air and a strong indication that we're on the right track. All the elements are coming together.

    (There is a private bank in Paris which has shown an interest in him and is a group he's already successfully met and really wants to work with. They've indicated bringing him on-board after their current reorganization settles down, so the Temperance theme is really in play here)

    I followed that up with "When will we move to Paris?" This is what I got: The Fool, The Sun, King of Cups and Six of Wands.

    And I hit a wall. Looks good. Great, in fact! But how does one do timing with The Fool or The Sun? King of Cups I get, I think (the CEO of the bank my partner would work directly with is a Cancer and I've always looked at Cups as Summer, so he could indicate the shift from Summer to Fall) and the Six of Wands echos the celebration and sense of victory from the earlier reading.

    But The Fool as a Timing Card? Help!

    Forgive the length of this. But I never get to speak Tarot and it's more than a little fun.


  13. The Fool leaves the answer up to you! The number is Zero, so you have no clue! LOL :D But the card itself is urging you to take the risk and just do it, so it will depend on how much of a risk you're willing to take, how much of a "free spirit" you will be. It's not saying you won't fall on your face, but if you go with the flow...who knows?!

    Honestly, Majors tend to happen sooner than later, so get packing!



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