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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So You Want To Read Online?
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If you've thought about reading online, Leisa ReFalo of The Tarot Connection Podcast interviewed me about two months ago regarding reading for online psychic services. I hoped to be as unbiased as possible, giving the pros and cons of reading via the online venue, so take a listen to this week's podcast, Episode #43, if you thought to pursue that venue of professional tarot reading. This is just one more episode Leisa has put out dealing with the ups and downs and ins and outs of professional reading. It's tremendously valuable information Leisa is providing through these various interviews, information that just isn't available widely. There are few articles and books on professional tarot reading so these interviews are really a wonderful resource for those thinking about entering into reading for the public.

Also in this episode, Jeanette Roth of The Tarot Garden discusses three new tarot decks, the Abysmal, the Vanessa, and the Love decks. I met Jeanette at the Reader's Studio and she is so knowledgeable and obviously has such a passion for the decks she collects and sells. Bonnie expounds on the meanings of The Hierophant and the Lovers, too, so don't miss this episode.

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